Claire writes: “If you’re not a fan of the British Saturday Night Show, Strictly Come Dancing, you’re probably fed up with me talking about it in the blog and at The Coaching Inn!

However, there is lots to learn from the world of dance about partnership in conversations where it’s said that we dance in the moment – something that takes a lifetime to master.  With a number of live shows left to come between now and Christmas, this will surely not be my last reference.  But this learning matters. Because if coaching is a dance, we need to take seriously that you can’t learn to dance only by reading books.  Pre-loading knowledge about dancing may have some value, but the deep learning for the celebrities in the current TV series is that they give hours and hours to practice out there on the floor. Real dancing is where they are mastering their craft. You don’t learn mastery in the classroom – we learn it on the floor. Whatever we are trying to master.

Watch out for more dance references in this week’s drink at The Coaching Inn after Nicky Chambers emailed with some lovely feedback, and a question: What are your thoughts on sensing, and on intuition? So we said come to The Coaching Inn and let’s talk… And we did – and it was deep and fun.. and will be broadcast this Wednesday. If you want to be first to listen, subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or podbean.

And if you have a question about an aspect of coaching where you’d like to dig deeper, let’s talk at The Coaching Inn. Email us. Thinking about this together out loud will enable other people who are coaching to learn and make their own meaning too.”

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