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3D Ideas 941: Real Observable Data

Claire writes: “I’m a great advocate of reflective practice, and there is nothing like real observable data to develop our skill fast. One of the coaches I mentor asked me last week what to listen for in a recording of your own conversations – or of someone else’s.

I think we look too much at the beauty of the coaching and not at whether it has an impact. Because great coaching can’t be measured solely on what the coach does. Coaching is great when it facilitates the thinker to think! And as Naomi, a delegate on a recent course said: ‘If the coach is thinking more than the thinker, it’s not coaching.’

If you want to learn fast, record a session of you coaching (or facilitating a conversation you have at work) and listen back – to the thinker. Here are some things to think about

  1. how much are they thinking?
  2. how do you know that?
  3. are they following you, are you following them or are you travelling together?
  4. if they leapt, did you keep up with them?
  5. is the conversation giving new information to them? or to you?
  6. who breaks the silence?
  7. and when you spoke, were they ready… or were they still thinking?
  8. And are they waiting for you to finish speaking?
  9. Is this their conversation – or are they doing it for you?

Listening or looking at real, observable data is where you’ll do your best learning.”

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