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3D Ideas 929: Answer Smash

Claire writes: “ I wonder if you have got hooked on quiz shows in lockdown?  We love the BBC quiz Richard Osman’s House of Games.  The last round is called answer smash.  You have to identify a picture and a word and then the answer connects the two.  You have to be syllable perfect to win the point.  And the only way to win is to think yourself into the quiz setters mind to understand what they mean.

In conversations, we often ask complex questions where people have to play mind games to understand what we mean.  And if we aren’t word perfect, they will answer the question they hear – that may not serve their thinking.

Great questions come from what we see or hear or sense (or a great question we read in a book or heard someone else asking).  Saying what you see – without judgement – is the most powerful thing you can do.  And it unmashes the smash.”

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