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3D Ideas 920: Everything is Normal

Claire’s book came out last Monday and they are having to print some more already! The independent bookshops have sold out. The publisher tells us Amazon have a few left and will take orders once they run out. 

Printers are closed over Christmas so there may be a slight delay. It’s also available on Kindle. If the book is useful, we would love you to write a review on Amazon.

Claire writes: “One of the gifts that coaching brings to a world in the grip of the pandemic, I think, is that every conversation is future-focussed and optimistic.  That’s not about being simplistic or weird. Asking what someone hopes to be different by the end of our conversation demonstrates that they have some control over how they think about things. Everyone can move forward in their thinking a bit – even in the midst of any kind of physical lockdown or stuckness.

It is my privilege to listen to other people having conversations all the time.  And I notice two things: we maximise the thing and minimise the time. That sounds like:

Them ‘I’d like to talk about restructuring my organisation’

You ‘That’s too big to do it justice (maximising) in the short time we have (minimising)’


When we come from a place where everything is normal it sounds like:

Them: ‘’I’d like to talk about restructuring my organisation’

You: What’s the question about restructuring that we can explore in the five minutes we have?’

It’s a mindshift. And it works.  It is a fantasy to believe that anyone can solve someone else’s problem. What we can do is keep them company while they move their question forward a bit. And as Amabile and Kramer discovered: Any progress is progress.”

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