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3D Ideas 911: She Did It!

News: Sue Appleton, our stalwart administrator will be leaving 3D Coaching at the end of October after 14 wonderful years. Our gratitude is immeasurable and we wish her happiness in her new life. Ness Callis is taking up the reins! Meanwhile, you’ll need to wait for the third blog on transformation because we have some of our own to share. Ruth has just completed a virtual marathon. If you’d like to donate to her chosen charity VICTA you can do that here. 

Ruth writes: “10 years ago I couldn’t imagine running for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Yesterday I ran my first ever marathon.

When I think of that, I still can’t quite believe what I have just done! I’m not the ‘right’ build for running and yet I made a decision that I would try it and bit by bit my perseverance has paid off. 

My brother bought me a medal rack for my birthday that says “She believed she could and so she did”, I look at that and wonder what else I can do? We all achieve things in life we once didn’t think was possible. I never thought I could run, I never thought I could earn a living as a coach, I never thought I could raise (as of today) 2 teenagers on my own: we are so much stronger get than we give ourselves credit for.

So today, I am choosing to believe that I can. And my hope is that that will inspire my kids to grow up believing they can too.”

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  1. Thanks for all the lovely messages!

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