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3D Ideas 901: The Problem with Problems

Claire writes: “The problem with using the language of problems or issues in conversations is that there is a hidden assumption that someone has to find a solution.  And that someone is often the person who is perceived to have more power.

What’s your question for today?’ or even ‘what’s our question for today?’ has many benefits. It enables us to get to the heart of the matter more quickly.

I want to talk about having a holiday’ turns into ‘How can I have a week off that gives me enough rest?’

It also takes the pressure off the end. ‘Have we moved this forward?’ is less anxiety inducing than ‘Have we (in any way) solved your problem?’.  And as Amabile and Kramer say in The Progress Principleany progress is progress.”

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Moving from the language of problems to questions brings all kinds of benefits to conversations #coaching


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