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3D Ideas 876: Backwards and Forwards 2

Claire writes: “Not only is this a new year, it is also a new decade!  In the last blog we looked back – this one is about looking forward.

Although I am not one to do deep and meaningful planning, having a sense of what we would like to be different by the end of this year, or indeed the twenties (2020s) might produce some interesting insight as to what is important.

For example, I would like my book to be published, as planned, this December. That means that I need to crack on!  By the end of the twenties, a number of our 3D Team will have changed how they engage with us. So what do we need to do now that will make that possible for them.  And who do we need to be developing so that we have a sustainable future.

What would you like to be different by the end of this year, or indeed the twenties (2020s)?” 

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