3D Ideas 809: Quality Space

Claire writes: “Unexpectedly, yesterday, I received a phone call postponing a piece of work that would have taken most of today. Suddenly the diary opened up and with some thinking space. I was also talking with Ruth, one of our coaches, and she was asking questions that were helping me to look at some of our processes in a new way.

That’s all we do as coaches – we keep people company while they think. And often what happens is that they begin to know something at the end that they didn’t know at the beginning of the conversation that will make a significant difference to what they do or think or feel.

There is something transformational about containing time and getting focused. Some people find that easy and energising to do on their own. Some can do it on their own if they are in the right physical space. And some people find it useful to have a thinking partner. What’s your preference?

And if you’d like to have a conversation like that with one of us, you know where we are!”

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