3D Ideas 735: Why 3D?

3D coaching-cube 1 (2)Claire writes: “We are (nearly) all back from working more lightly over the summer. We hope you have also had a change of pace.
Over the last few weeks several people have asked why we are called 3D Coaching… so here’s where it came from.  When I started up in the late 1990s, much of what I was doing was with people who wanted a different job with more purpose that aligned with who they were.  It was the beginning of domain names and I was advised not to call the business Claire Pedrick Associates.  A wise piece of advice as now 3D is much bigger than me.  Based on Who/ What/ Why, www.wwwcoaching.com seemed a bit of a mouthful.  It was my Dad who came up with 3D Coaching in a thinking together conversation and it felt like it fitted.  Interestingly, the definition of the 3D has changed several times over the years.  At the moment it’s about looking at things from a different dimension.
We are on a journey and no doubt the meaning of 3D will continue to emerge into something new.  Coaching underpins everything we do, although it’s not a word I like – we facilitate people’s thinking. But we aren’t planning to change our name!”
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