3D Ideas 732: Stuff

2015-03-02 14.22.53Claire writes: “Last week was an interesting one.  Invited to speak at a coaching conference about simplicity, I met a man who talks about phenomology and virtual reality in coaching.  Then I read a piece in Jason Fox’s ‘The Gamechanger’ about imagining yourself playing a game in which you are a character.  Both are really insightful, simple – and mindblowingly complex!

The simple version is that when we can see what’s happening from a different perspective, there is plenty to learn and the potential to make different choices.  As we keep someone company in their thinking, the best support we can offer is to hold the thinking space with them which enables them to notice what needs to be noticed.  We don’t need to hold their stuff or to get stuck in it with them.”

(Today’s picture was taken in Rome – this lady has all her stuff with her all the time – twice a day, she swept and mopped the space around it)
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