3D Ideas 731: Instruction

We are delighted to be one of the sponsors at the South West Councils Coaching Conference this week.  Find out what we’re all learning on Tuesday at #swcoaching
fork-1431302_1280Claire writes: ‘In a one to one we do what we normally do in the conversations we have most often.  The difference between what sounds like instruction and what is intended to be inquiry is tiny, is received differently, and subtly moves the centre of expertise:


I’m the expert                          You’re the expert
Tell me about                          Say more
I’d like you to                          Would it be useful to?


That means we need to be careful with the use of diagnostic tools.  Used carelessly, feedback can unwittingly start sounding like I’m the expert.  I’m not.  We have to keep the responsibility in the middle.  You are the expert in you.’


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