3D Ideas 728: Dare To Be Unimpressive

medal-646943_1280Claire writes: “This afternoon I was asked what becoming an MCC Master Coach has meant to me.  A great question because I first saw it as a badge of honour that showed the world what a great coach I am.

That’s changed in the great company of the people who give us the honour of learning together how to have better conversations. Every single time we run our training events, we learn something new and simpler from watching them!  Watching people lay aside their hard wired way of being complicated and a bit too responsible, saying less and listening more means that transformational conversations often happen within the first few hours of learning this way of working. Those delegates have to dare to be unimpressive.  On the first couple of days they always express a certain level of surprise when it works.


Now, for me, being a Master Coach probably gives some clout to my observations that coaching is fundamentally deeply simple and enormously effective.  But you don’t need to be a Master Coach to be a master coach.”


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