3D Ideas 726: The Difference


Claire writes: “We take many roles in 1-1s which are similar and different. When we sit in the same chair, we are more likely to have the same conversation.  So whether you are a GP, hospital consultant, vicar, or manager – if you are going to have a different kind of conversation, it’s worth thinking about sitting in a different seat.  The man who told me ‘I’m not the expert – but they want me to be’ has decided to swap seats mid conversation if he needs to say ‘I’m not the expert – if you think this is the expert chair, come and sit in it’.

Ahmar is a trained counsellor and a coach.  In a masterclass recently, he noticed that in coaching he was listening with his eyes more than his ears.  Watching him work, we observed that where counsellors might be still and sit back while they are listening, great coaches often lean in and are more provocative and pacy – even when they are using the same words

All roles are valuable.  Whether the conversation is sensitive or pragmatic, being clear together what is the most useful way to talk now makes all the difference.”

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