Claire writes: ‘My Dad gave me a jigsaw for Christmas. After 5 weeks of trying to distinguish where different green bits go, I have almost finished it!  It’s probably the hardest one I have ever done.  Even doing the edge has been difficult, and I have recruited all kinds of family and visitors to the house along the way. Each one has helped me make sense of a mysterious piece that seemed to belong to a different puzzle.  And finally I am 50 pieces from the end (and finding it hard to work and not go and finish it!). No one is going to help me. It’s that amazing bit of the puzzle where I have gone from matching one piece each day to being able to put several pieces straight in without thinking much about them.

We train people to be puzzle companions who work with others from time to time to make sense of mysterious pieces. And in between, the person doing the puzzle keeps going, building the picture themselves.  What I am realising again today is that when they are over the tricky bit, we need to let them get on with their own puzzle and simply be there to celebrate the victory. No one is going to help me put those last pieces in – it’s taken nearly five weeks to get this far and those are my pieces to complete! It’s a reminder that we need to pay attention to when to offer and when to let go! (And I can’t resist going and putting in a few more pieces right now…)”

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