I am loving having a new boss! Su has been encouraging me to clear out my electronic files and I found this which I wrote about 5 years ago and never used. So here it is!

I have just finished some mentor coaching with a great coach.  In our final conversation, she asked me: ‘If you had an hour to share your top tips for mastery’ what would you be sharing?  So here’s what’s true for me:

  1. Mastery is more about formation of me as a human and as a coach than it is about information
  2. Tone matters – stay in your authority with a light touch
  3. Be willing to be wrong
  4. It takes constant practice to be challenging without judgement – notice don’t diagnose
  5. Say less!
  6. Never apologise – it interrupts flow and if everything is asked as a question it doesn’t matter if it’s wrong
  7. Use your body
  8. Listen to your body as well as your brain
  9. Don’t work too hard – in conversations and at work!
  10. The lightest touch has the greatest impact

I’m delighted to say that I still agree with what I wrote then, although I don’t like the word mastery any more – this is about how we need to be so that we can have the best conversations we can have.

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