Claire writes: “I hope you don’t get fed up with Camino stories! Having prepared to walk and carry minimal stuff, it was only as we left Bilbao one step at a time that I fully realised that we would be walking and deeply talking with other people. I’m delighted that on that day I recognised on that day that I could easily have spent the whole walk coaching. And I committed not to!

Some of our Camino family showed up once for an hour, or for a couple of days. One or two kept popping up unexpectedly all the way!  There were people who wanted to be silent, some who wanted to talk about where we’d each come from and where were we going; there were blister and foot conversations.  Some of these people shared deeply.  So did I, sometimes. Of course sometimes they’d offer a question, or I would – but I wasn’t facilitating their thinking and we had no accountability over time to anyone but ourselves. There was one pilgrim who we kept on meeting, and it was amazing as we neared Santiago, to see how much she had moved on in her thinking.  For her, the walk was its own thinking and processing space and she was using silence, conversations and her journal to do some deep work.  

I’ve thought a lot about the encounters we had, and the container created by the time and distance seemed to help. Knowing that the destination was coming upped the challenge. My Camino friend did the work she did herself. Just like in coaching where we hold the container and the time and the distance and the best outcomes come from the work the thinker does themselves.”

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