Claire writes: “Returning to my desk the day after my sabbatical, and only 4 days after we completed our long walk across Spain was very strange.  The computer had been off for weeks. I switched it on early so that it could prepare itself. It needed to update software. Passwords that it had automatically remembered had been forgotten because of the time it had been off. And login screens to much of our software were new and unfamiliar.


That’s also how I felt as I prepared myself. I need to give myself time. Some ways of doing things will be new and unfamiliar. Switching off fully for 6 weeks and being off work communications for 10 has meant that the familiar place in front of a Zoom camera feels as though I was never away – and yet it is also unfamiliar. It will take time to assimilate the learning. I am hoping that time away will mean a reboot into a different way of being at work. I hope to only remember the things that matter now, and to leave other things behind. Time will tell! Most importantly I learned that on the whole people are happy to wait and that the benefit of proper deep downtime is invaluable.”


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