This week’s guest blogger is Sarah Clein who we first met at The Coaching Inn

Sarah writes: “Talking to my partner about work this morning and helping untangle something nuanced, complex, emotive.

A lot of listening, some asking questions, a bit of sharing some thoughts and mostly letting the conversation wend and wind it’s way towards a conclusion. The conclusion that he takes it to and is right for him and his business.

Although I wasn’t coaching him, we were literally shooting the breeze about something, it left me thinking about coaching. For all it’s goal focussed ness, its an art, a science, a gentle listening, a tuning in, a not thinking about answers, a not pushing, a not having an investment in a particular outcome, a letting go of a need to be, do, make a difference. It’s ease. It’s silence. It’s trust. Trusting in the process, trusting that the person that you are working with will take whatever they need from the discussion to do whatever they want with it.

Thank you to those that have and do model this so beautifully Sandra Whiles, Mike White ICF PCC MSc HRD Inspiring Leaders to Shape the Future , Claire Pedrick MCC, Carolyn McDonald PCC to name just a few coaches that inspire me to be better by being less.”

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