Claire writes: “Happy 1000th Birthday to the Blog. When I started writing every week at the beginning of the century, I wasn’t expecting to still be going after 1000 posts! I have been wondering what to write for this one – feels like a lot of pressure, so I thought I’d share what I am learning?

  • Blogging over time can create a book (most of Simplifying Coaching found its voice here)
  • It’s a great way to get to know people and keep in touch
  • As one reader said – ‘I love the blog… it’s great… except for the weeks when you didn’t have a good idea!’
  • In the world of conversations, humanity trumps lists of qualifications (well formed humanity where we have done our own training and development that enables us to have boundaries and skill)
  • Blogging is a great way to learn to write
  • I absolutely love the conversations that emerge when you respond
  • Less is more!

A few of you have been with us from the beginning – thank you for listening… and thank you to all of you who have joined us along the way. It will be great to travel with you into the future.  

I’m heading off for a very long walk (training in August and leaving my husband at home and starting the Camino de Santiago on September 1st).  I’m grateful that some of you are writing the blogs while I am away. 
[If you are on Facebook, and want to follow the walk, we have a Facebook page Caminar Con Amigos… and you can keep up with our mileage on our fundraising page CaminarconAmigos600]

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