3D Ideas 958: Switchbacks

Claire writes: “Malvern is a wonderful place to live. And it’s 30 floors on a Fitbit to walk to town! That’s about 300 feet.  When we first arrived, I was stopping for breath 3 times on the way to the supermarket.  The hills are magical - so we often drive and park...

3D Ideas 956: Prep

Claire writes: “Last week was upcycling week when I was de-oranging some of our wooden furniture.  It took hours of prep. And the painting itself was quick! Then yesterday, people came to talk about landscaping the grass rectangle that is currently our garden.  It’s...

3D Ideas 952: Trust the Process

Ruth writes: “Training for a marathon is tough, I've decided. The London Marathon I was due to run in April 2020 is now this October and I'm finding my third attempt at marathon training the hardest yet. I keep hearing my inner voice telling me "you should give up......

3D Ideas 950: Wisdom

Claire writes: “For a few weeks, I’ve been sitting with an article by David Brooks in the New York Times. I thought the heart of it was about listening until I picked it up again this week: "People only change after they’ve felt understood. The really good confidants...

3D Ideas 949: The Bracken

Claire writes: “I have a favourite morning walk. It’s an ancient path where traders used to carry salt. Over the four months we have lived here, the scenery has changed.  The bluebell wood with wide views has become a path full of high bracken. This morning I notice...



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