3D Ideas 825: More than diagnosing

Sam, our health coach, writes: “As health professionals our desire to ‘fix it’ can sometimes get in the way of our patients living a more meaningful life. Here’s an example – In her 20’s she noticed her eye sight getting worse. She was prescribed eye drops to stop the disease progressing but it wouldn’t reverse the damage already done. Her eye drops affected her throat and left her unable to sing. Singing was her first love. She decided to stop using her drops as being unable to sing was much worse for her than not being able to see. She now makes her living from her voice.

Looking at things from a different perspective, the patient’s perspective, will deliver a multitude of additional options that will have a significant impact on their health. An impact that may be different to what the doctor ordered!

That ‘fix it’ mentality plays out in all the organisations in which we find ourselves and is why a coaching approach can be so useful. It’s also why we teach leaders to notice and not diagnose or prescribe.”

Sam is hosting a free webinar for health workers who are Band 7 and above who are interested in finding out more about the work we are doing around health conversations. Join Sam and Claire in our Zoom Room on 17th January 16.30-17.00 (UK). Feel free to share this invitation with anyone you know.

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