Health Conversations

‘I went in to see my patients with the sole purpose of using a coaching approach with them to see what would happen. I discharged most of them from my care and some of them actually thanked me for it’ Community Matron.


When the patient has more control over their outcomes, everything changes.  


Join our Health Coach, Sam Walker, for a half hour conversation about how a coaching style can change conversations with patients and their families to have a better impact for the patient, the staff and the budget.

We are aware that it is difficult to get front line staff released for training and Sam will share some of what we are learning about how to support staff to make small changes to the way they talk with patients..  We never teach more than you need to know and you can begin to work differently with just a couple of hours development.

Thursday 17 January 16.30-17.00 (UK) on Zoom.