3D Ideas 807: What’s It For?

Claire writes: “GDPR – decluttering for data – is trending as a discussion topic in the UK this month! We realise we have always been hot on privacy. And we also haven’t paid enough attention in the past to what we are keeping data for. So although it’s been a pain, that ‘what’s this for?’ question is proving useful as we streamline our processes. If you want to know what we are thinking, it’s here.

If you’re looking for some kind of external support, the ‘what’s it for?’ question is also useful. We encourage people to have a triage conversation with someone if you’re not sure what you’re looking for – because there isn’t a one size fits all for coaching. You may be looking for

(This is also useful if you’re not sure whether coaching is for you or whether a talking therapy might be better. Rather than go on a waiting list and sign up to 6 sessions, a triage conversation can help you get clear on what you take where).

So if you or colleagues are looking for a coach, be clear on what you want to be different by the time the process is over and that will also help you know what you’re looking for. Getting what’s useful is more important than what a potential provider is offering, and indeed than chemistry. It will also save you time and money. Which is why we don’t have fixed term engagements – because we have no idea how long or how many conversations you might need until we start. One might be enough!”

PS We are also sharing new learning on our youtube channel if you’re interested!

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