3D Ideas 785: Positive signs

Claire writes: “One of the greatest gifts of delivering training is to learn with a group (you know who you are, 7th November!)

Every week we recognise that what we are learning and passing on is truly and deeply simple. Observing today, a couple of delegates looked at me in panic as they we having their first ever coaching style conversation. I asked them: what are you thinking right now?

Performance anxiety seeps in so quickly and I will assume I am stuck because I have made a mistake. All we need to do is turn our anxiety into a question:

And trust what we see. When we think we have seen a not sure look, ask what do we need to do so you’re confident we have finished. Never underestimate the value of moving. Today it was for our trainee to stand next to the thinker and simply ask “what’s the next step?” and move with her as she stepped forward. We all saw her arrive in her new thinking – body mind and spirit.

It really is that simple.”

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