3D Juggling 694: Dental Insight

Claire writes: “It was check up time for us at the dentist last week. 3 of us sat on the bench with the 4th in the dentist’s chair. Never my favourite occupation, I’m always grateful that he looks and listens. Imagine what it would be like if he just got the drill out and started drilling, when all you needed was to realise you needed to floss more!

I often observe people trained in using a coaching style jumping in with their tools. They may be the best idea in that conversation – but they are even more valuable if we simply say what we see. And if that turns out to be important, all we need to do is ask: ‘So now that we know that, what do we need to do now…’ The drill may be useful, and it may be time for action.. and something else may be even better.” Let’s leave diagnosing to the experts.

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