There are still a couple of spaces on 9th June’s Action Learning Facilitator Training.  If your organisation is geographically spread, we will also be doing a taster about Virtual Action Learning at 10am on 25th June for an hour – via webinar.

The next open Transforming Conversations course starts in September  If you book in May, we are offering organisations 4 places for the price of 3.

Claire writes: “After all the positive feedback from last week’s blog, I think we must have hit a chord.  So it’s time to come out and say it: ‘My name is Claire and sometimes I feel like an imposter’.

That inner critic and I have many conversations with each other – and we have even gone to supervision together!  I am learning that there is value in a bit of imposter syndrome.  Learning to manage it well takes time… but imagine how unbearable we would all be if we thought we were brilliant at everything! Do you feel like an imposter?”

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