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3D Juggling 653: Saxophone at dusk

Claire writes: “Summer – when some people turn to camping and minimal living – is also the time when many of us reflect on the what’s and why’s of what we are doing.

Saxophone manOn our recent holiday, we met a man who lived in a one horse horsebox on the harbour.  Every morning and evening, he walked barefoot along the water’s edge playing the saxophone.  As we talked it emerged that he was learning seven instruments, all of which lived in his 7 foot trailer.  He had been a very successful businessman, and this was his second downsizing.  The first was to a Land Rover with a camping pod on the roof.  He had a solar panel to power his keyboard and a solar shower hanging on the outside of the box.

He was a man with presence who had chosen a simple lifestyle and was brave enough to take the risk that involved.  Interestingly I met a friend at a conference last week who is doing exactly the same thing.  At 69, she is downsizing for the second time and living simply with pizzazz.  Makes you think about what’s essential!

That’s it from us until September – there will be someone available all summer, but we will be working lightly”

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