3D Juggling 650: Know It All

2011 Kirsty EldertonCongratulations to Kirsty who has been awarded the Associate Certified Coach credential from the ICF!  We are hoping to hear results back soon from a bunch of internal NHS coaches who have been through the credentialling process to add value to the coaching they do at work.

Claire writes: “There are 5642 books on Amazon about mastery.  The dictionary talks about mastery either as expertise or as domination.  I have to say I prefer the former.

Mastery as ‘knowing it all’ is quite a disabling belief for those of us who don’t feel that we know it all. I’m a Master coach, and in conversation with a colleague with the same qualification this week, we were noticing that mastery is quite definitely a journey and certainly not a destination.

This week I have been observing some people in a charity who are trying to develop using coaching at work.  They were facilitating great conversations far more effectively than I observed last time we met.  They are masters.  They don’t know it all, but they are getting enough confidence in what they are doing to be able to be effective.

It’s the same with the end of term music events for those of you with school age children.  Mastery comes from the developing of inner confidence – not just from knowing the right notes.”

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