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3D Juggling 641: Divergent

Claire writes: “One of my committments for 2014 has been to dip out of work early to watch a Friday Matinee with my daughter.

Friday’s film choice was Noah or Divergent.  Having no desire to see Noah, we went into Divergent with absolutely no idea what it was about.  It’s a great film – and the first in a trilogy.  It has much to teach us about the world of diagnostics and labels.  In this world, people live in factions which can easily align with many communications-style profiles.  Amity are kind and peaceful.  Abnegation are selfless servers, Candor value honesty, Dauntless are the protectors and Erudite are smart and logical. There is no room in this world for people who are more than monochrome in the way they engage, and people live in Factions.  They choose at 16 in a ceremony resembling Harry Potter’s Sorting Hats, and there is no capacity to change or develop. Those who don’t fit – or fit in more than one faction are called Divergents.

In that dead time before the film started, I was mulling over a comment someone had just made on a residential: “Is it OK to be an introvert?”. Organisations and society need people who can change and develop and work with others who are different from them, and we need to ensure that our working practices support that.  Yes, of course it is OK to be an introvert.  And residential programmes  need to have space for introverts to flourish, contribute and recover.  Healthy organisations need divergent people not factions.”

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