3D Juggling 637: Right Here Right Now

It’s not too late to get a last minute space on the coaching skills programme in Milton Keynes beginning on Wednesday.  The next open programme will be 23/24 September and 25/26 November.

Claire writes: “When we talk about a situation with colleagues or volunteers because they want some help to think about it, we often focus on the situation.  we ask questions for clarity and so that we understand: Tell me more about that? What have you done already? Who is involved?

We rarely pin down what we need to do right here right now to help that person find a way forward.  That’s the bit that we can influence!

That’s why, when we are training people to use coaching at work, we concentrate on asking questions about the process and not about the story.  It’s less interesting – and more effective! Questions like

They are all about what we are doing right here right now.  And they move the person beyond retelling the story into doing some genuine exploration into new thinking.

If you want to see it in action, here’s a demonstration:

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