3D Juggling 635: Beyond Conversation

Listen to Claire talking about coaching at work 23 January 2014 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern / 4pm UK time on BlogTalk Radio

Claire writes: “Sometimes we can use a lot of words to explain something. Sometimes an insight from a song or an image or a poem can do that much more significantly.

TS Eliot’s Four Quartets are a case in point and were broadcast in Saturday Drama on Radio 4 It’s worth a listen. If you’ve missed the iPlayer window, the text is here.

What poetry or images are transformational for you? Please share on the blog.”

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One thought on “3D Juggling 635: Beyond Conversation

  1. Matt Currey says:

    This is a really helpful insight. Sometimes Less really is More. For me, a person who loves words, and is working on trying to cut down my use of words, music is a key way to gain insights. Both instrumental and also Key Lyrics. For me they can work like comedy does and cut to the heart of a matter and give great insight

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