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3D Juggling 616: Planned Neglect

Claire writes: “I’m running a Masterclass on designing actions later today and it crossed my mind that we often think actions are things to do. Choosing how to be can be an action as well.  And so can doing nothing – or even stopping doing things.  Which reminded me of a great quote from the Rule of Life of the Companions of Brother Lawrence:

“For us, planned neglect will mean deliberately choosing which things we will leave undone or postpone, so that instead of being oppressed by a clutter of unfinished jobs, we think out our priorities under God and then accept without guilt or resentment the fact that much we had thought we ought to do we must leave.”

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One thought on “3D Juggling 616: Planned Neglect

  1. Paul Wignall says:

    That quote from the Rule is very helpful Claire. Recognising we sometimes have to set aside, even neglect, tasks in order to focus on the matter in hand. Critically important I think when, as I am, you are in a multi parish benefice that is always pulling you in a number of ways at once. How to resist the anxiety of others that you should act, and act now, and how to stop their anxiety becoming your own – the sort of pressure that clergy rarely learn to resist. Paul

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