3D Juggling 615: What do people come to you for?

Claire writes: “The more we work with people changing jobs, the more I realise that many of us don’t know what we can do.  We get on with our jobs and our lives without giving much time or attention to noticing the skills and gifts that we are using every day. Which is fine until it comes to changing tack on our career path and a CV that says I have done a job quite like the job I am applying for is no longer enough.  And whether we are thinking about what other kinds of role might be suitable for someone like us, or trying to get short listed for a job that we know deep down we could do, we suddenly need to be fluent enough in describing our skills – with evidence.

Last week I heard a coach ask a great question – “What do people come to you for?”.  That gives some helpful insight into the gifts and skills and style of working that is valued by others.  Another useful tool might be to say – if I was applying for a job alongside someone who had a very similar biography to mine but was not very good at the job, how would I describe what was different about the way I work?  Because in the end, we need to understand what we can do, and be able to describe it enough, if we are going to be able to discern what a job move might be, or help a potential employer decide that we are the person they would like to do the role.”

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