3D Juggling 594: Looking round the corner

Welcome to all our new subscribers – and thanks to our reader who pointed out last weeks misspelling of TS Eliot, for which we apologise.

Claire writes: A delegate on a recent Coaching for Excellence told us that her husband has a job that takes him all over the world.  Every time he drives out of an airport in a hire car, he stops and looks back so that he will be able to know where he is when the airport becomes his destination later in the week.  A colleague asked a Programme Director what was keeping him awake at night, and he replied ‘Are we looking round the corners enough?’

As we navigate change and encounter new or similar situations, we look carefully and we see what we see and think that’s enough. Is it?  Or do we focus too narrowly? What would looking back or looking round the corners be like for you, at work? Think about it…?”

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