3D Juggling 582: Pace and the Paralympics

Claire writes: ‘My new love – this month – is sport.  Like many others, I have been grabbed by the passion and enthusisam and skill of the Olympians and Paralympians.  Fully re-engaging with work this morning after a few weeks of a slower blend of work and life I am reminded of the visually impaired 100m yesterday. The runner and the guide had to accelerate at huge speed to have any chance of winning.  They accelerated in perfect harmony.  I seem to have an implicit assumption that’s how I should reengage at the office.

They only had to run for less than 30 seconds. If I do that all the time, I will die! And my goal for this year is to pace myself.  Maybe my pace needs to be more like the tandem team pursuit in the velodrome.  They began really slowly and surveyed their environment, only sprinting where necessary.  And then repeated that strategy in each round. The sprinting and the cycling are diverse examples of how we might chose to set the pace at work.  Most of us work in situations which have variety. For 3D, there are natural lulls in the year where people are not asking for coaching or training.  You may be in an organisation that has less ebb and flow. Nevertheless, if you’re going to finish the race, a great question to ask is: what’s the right pace today?

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