3D Juggling 579: Perspective

We invited other coaches to share their thoughts with us.  Marion Foreman is a personal trainer and fitness coach. We met her on Coaching for Excellence.

Marion writes: “Today we went for a walk, nothing odd about that – we do it a lot.  It’s a 5 mile circular route that we know well.  But today we walked it the other way round.  What a difference!

For starters the camber of the road was different so the feel was unusual.  Then the view was different – not just the big picture view, approaching the fields from a different angle gave us a new light on the trees, but the small view, the detail was different too.  We saw plants in gardens that we hadn’t seen before – they had been hidden behind a hedge that blocked our view when we walked round the other way.  I saw a house that I hadn’t seen before – incredibly it had been blocked from view before.

Next time I come across something so familiar I can do it with my eyes closed, I’m going to look at it differently and find the excitement in it again.  I am going to have a look and see if I am missing something.  And the next time a client tells me about something that they feel unable to change I am going to invite them to take a new look – I will invite them to stop looking from where they are and looking forwards and seeing the same issues, I will invite them to start from where they want to be and look backwards – they might just be able to see the same things in a different light.”

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