3D Juggling 568: How much worry is too much?

Jane writes: ‘Some worry is good for us as being aware of risks makes us cautious and helps to keep us safe. But when worrying prevents us from taking any action at all we can feel powerless and defenceless – not a good place to be.

Maybe you worry about relationships at work, whether you’re performing well enough, how to balance several roles, or what the boss thinks of you. Working out what to do in these circumstances could make the difference between keeping safe or losing your job. Perhaps you need time to think. Who could help you to find that time and use it wisely? Think about it…’

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Related research:
High intelligence and worry both correlate with brain activity measured by the depletion of the nutrient choline in the subcortical white matter of the brain. According to the researchers, this suggests that intelligence may have co-evolved with worry in humans.

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