3D Juggling 564: White Cliffs of Dover

Jane writes: “Last week a section of the white cliffs of Dover collapsed into the sea and I noticed how clean the new face of the cliff was.  When something familiar and comfortable changes, maybe a relationship, or a role at work, there is the potential for a fresh, new beginning.  We were talking to someone this morning who works in the city.  She was noticing that there are too many people whose default is to stay in a job that is dissatisfying – just for the money.  It’s only when the company downsizes that you think about what you really don’t (and do) want to do.

Maybe the change that took you by surprise offers you new possibilities.  What could they be? Think about it…”

Talk to us about a Career Makeover if that would be useful as a way of looking at future possibilities in a different way.

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