Claire writes: ‘For the second time in 3 years, we have had a leaky pipe and water damage at home.  This time two of us had to move out for a month and we are now left with no kitchen for the next few weeks at least.

We are learning so much.  People, mostly, are wonderful when we give them the chance to be! And to allow people to give, others need to receive.  How often in the community or at work do we settle into the role of giver or receiver?  And how often do we label others?

Being rather dependent on others for cooking meals for several weeks has been a wonderful experience of conversations.  And huge learning about the power relationships surrounding giving and receiving. Simon Walker writes that ‘Receiving involves placing yourself in someone’s debt and accepting with humility the service of another. It takes away your control and invites you to allow someone else to love you and have power over you.’

How often have you said ‘You can’t’ ‘You shouldn’t have’ ‘You mustn’t’ when someone gives to you.  I have – even though I first learned not to say that a very long time ago in Kenya when a very poor family gave me 4 eggs – which was all that they had. To have refused would have disempowered them.  And now the lesson has returned.  What a gift it can be to others when we receive thankfully and graciously – and allow others to have power.

So if you’re a giver who doesn’t like receiving or if you always say – I couldn’t possibly accept… what will you do differently this Christmas?

Think about it…”


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