3D Juggling 542: Capacity to Defrag

Claire writes “In the post exam summer clear-out with the girls, my job was to speed up the computers by clearing out old files and defragging. Not a fast job when there was as much music and as many photos as I found. One machine took 12 hours ut the outcome was a beautiful line of blue and white. And a much faster experience. The other one was simply too full.

Windows gave up and we were still left with a disheartening solid block of red. And no improvement on speed, of course. To be able to clear themselves, the machines needed enough white space or unused disc space to be able to manoeuvre files.

We had left it too late.

Reorganising stuff, ideas or career change needs to happen while there is still enough time and space to think. Waiting until it’s absolutely essential may be too late. We replaced it. We can’t replace ourselves. Think about it…”

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