3D Juggling 535: Cartwheels or certificates?

Jane writes: “What brings you joy at work?  When it happens, how do you celebrate? One of the things I often find when working with teams under pressure is that they forget what it is that they have to celebrate.  They find it easier to articulate what needs to change and what is still to be achieved than to recognise what they have done well and can build on.

A desire to celebrate success is frequently reflected in Employee Satisfaction surveys, and a common response by organisations is to implement Employee Recognition Schemes.  Often with certificates.   How else do you celebrate?   And what is it that brings joy at work?

A Gallup Healthways survey of 100,000 Americans revealed what we need at work to bring us the most joy, realized through less stress and more health.  The key ingredients were: autonomy, influence, and a sense of meaning.  Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter remarked that “Supervisors are better-off than the supervised, and entrepreneurs are the best-off of all.  The key is setting the agenda and starting the pieces moving towards a purpose-driven goal.”
Autonomy, influence, and a sense of meaning are associated with lower stress and fewer work-related illnesses, regardless of hours worked.  How do you achieve these for yourself – and provide them for others?

And for a great example of how to demonstrate and share your joy, how about the cart wheeling Verger at Westminster Abbey after the recent Royal wedding?  Think about it…”

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