Claire writes: “During a conversation with Georgina Woudstra – the leading global practitioner in team coaching training, we began bouncing around ideas that led to some great insight. So I thought I’d share!

My Camino trek across Northern Spain is now less than 4 months away and I was telling Georgina and Allard de Jong about minimal packing. I’m trying to carry less than 7kg including the backpack, water, food for the day and a beautiful journal and a perfect pen, of course! I said: ‘there’s no contingency packing like a spare outfit!’. It’s like coaching – where we need to go into a conversation with empty pockets. A not knowing mindset means we have no plan B. Great 1-1 coaching is about taking only what is in us – not what’s in our pocket. And ‘not what’s in your head’ added Georgina about team coaching. Putting down plan B requires courage – and it’s what we need to do if we are to work in partnership.

PS We were talking about having a dialogue about simplifying 1-1 coaching and what simplicity has to add to the complexity of team coaching. The dialogue is in the diary and will be shared through the Team Coaching Studio network and through The Coaching Inn.”

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