This week, Claire met Mindfulness Practitioner Shaun Lambert at The Coaching Inn.  In a world where not everyone has choices, Shaun says that ‘We can reperceive even when there are no options’

Claire writes: “I wrote about checking in (3D Ideas 944) in conversations a few months ago.  As I listen to recordings of people talking with others, I am struck by a couple of things.

When you check in on the relationship – ‘How are we doing?’ the conversation can accidentally focus on you and by the end of the conversation can be received as ‘was I any good today?’.

A much more useful check in is about the process. That means we are checking in on what we are doing in the conversation. That sounds like ‘Is this useful?’ or ‘What insights have you had so far?’.  Support them to bag the learning – because this conversation was never about you anyway!”

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