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3D Ideas 957: Chemistry

Claire writes: “We are thinking about getting solar panels.  My husband has spoken to the company which has been recommended to us who has told him theirs are “Solar Edge which is more expensive than conventional PV arrays”.  Apart from the phrase more expensive, none of that, at the moment, makes any sense at all.  We just want to shift to renewable energy… So they are coming tomorrow to talk about it!

When people come to talk to us about coaching, some know exactly what it is.  Sometimes they come because someone else said it might be useful – or insist that it’s important! Describing coaching is a tricky one. The way we get round that is to ask “if there was something we could move forward here while we are talking, what would it be?”. Then they learn by experiencing – in 5 or 10 minutes! 

The coaching profession version of our solar panels search is often called a Chemistry Session.  The only way to find out whether someone is for you is both to see whether you trust them… and to understand what it will be like. I’ve had half a dozen people this week want to talk about chemistry sessions – in mentoring and supervision sessions, and in questions on social media.  If you want to dig deeper, John Whittington has, in my opinion, got the best insights on his new website https://thechemistrycheck.com/

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