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3D Ideas 947: Interrupting

Thanks to Stuart who has given his permission, with the agreement of ‘Jane’ to share what happened when he harnessed the courage to interrupt her speaking. This is so different from the habit many of us have acquired which is to talk and interrupt someone’s thinking:

“I’d like to start by giving you some background.”

“Can I have your permission to interrupt you if I think it’s useful?”

“Absolutely.” [Gives me about 20 seconds of background]

“Jane, I’m going to interrupt, because I think you already know everything you’re telling me. Is that right?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Would you be willing to fast forward and start with what you don’t know?”

Thinker accepts the invite and is a little dazed by how far we get in 20 minutes.

The clue for me was to ask for permission to interrupt when I heard the intention to give me background. This stuff works!

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