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3D Ideas 942: Improv Insights

Claire writes: “Loving Twitter and LinkedIn for book recommendations at the moment. That’s how I found myself listening to Pippa Evans new book Improv Your Life

It’s through exploring improv with my friend Stuart Reid that I have done some deep learning about tone.  Improv talks about the ‘yes and’ sphere which keeps people talking.  

Improv is where we do our greatest learning about coaching presence. I remember that the first time we did a workshop, as delegates we were keen to offer clever lines – or were frozen by not knowing what to say.  Both of these stopped our partner continuing – in fact it blocked them and the vignettes broke down.  That can happen in coaching when we offer clever questions or don’t know what to say.  Once someone is in flow and getting new insights, our job is to keep them in flow. It is not to demonstrate how clever we are.

Here’s a book I’ll be re-reading as there’s a lot more to learn about tone and timing and partnership.  And watch the events space as Stuart and I are talking about an on site presence training in the autumn. Location and dates to be set as the world gets a little clearer.

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