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3D Ideas 936: Crossroads

Claire writes: “Mike & I have been in our new home for a week. You can have enough of unpacking, though!

In my walk to work (round the block and back to my home office) this morning, I decided that each time there was a crossroads in the path, I would test out every option. Starting with the first on the left. The first path was too muddy for my shoes, so I returned at lunchtime. It  took me into a huge open field with the new shoots of spring planting.  That’s one to go to and explore another day for a whole walk.  The next one was a dead end – but interesting to look.  And the one after that that turned out to be a driveway. Anyway, it was fun making choices and finding out what lay beyond the obvious.

In conversations, we hit crossroads or see new pathways all the time. Often the person with the perceived power sees them coming up and decides which will be the most useful one to follow. When this happens they say that the crossroads is there only after they have already taken the decision on direction. Working in partnership means noticing the crossroads as it’s coming up and asking ‘which way shall we go?’ even if you have a preference or believe it to be a dead end.

I am sitting with an insight from Nigel Wellings: ‘Never know first. Never know better. Never think you know.’   Coaching isn’t about forming hypotheses and testing out whether we were right. It is about keeping someone else company while they explore for themselves.”

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