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3D Ideas 932: Hyde Park Corner

If you missed the launch part for Simplifying Coaching, you can watch it here

Claire writes: “When we drive from this village into the local town, it’s pretty much straight all the way.  I know how to drive, I pay attention. And I get there.  I only need to pay attention to driving – and to the space around the car. When I drive to London to our daughter’s flat and go round Hyde Park Corner, it’s a different skill. Not all the drivers in our house are confident enough to do Hyde Park Corner.  There’s a lot more vehicles coming and going that need attention.

We train people to have better conversations one to one.  They are skilled and able to do great work.  Those skills translate easily to working with groups – that’s one person facilitating the thinking of a group of others – or one to many coaching.  This is like driving on a road with more cars and is an easy stretch from one to one, if you take a bit of time to think through how it works.

Some work with groups is more like Hyde Park Corner – complex, noisy and with lots of things to notice all at the same time.  That’s where team coaching comes in and that’s what Alan and Alex do in their work with 3D Team.

We have decided to focus on offering training in 1-1 and give you the opportunity to work out how this might work for groups you’re part of.  If the work you do is like Hyde Park Corner, there are some great providers of Team Coaching training and we recommend you talk with them.”

Alan and Claire will be talking about group and team coaching and noticing what we are learning over drinks at The Coaching Inn on Thursday 18th March 18.00-19.00 (UK). It’s worth listening to some podcasts in advance which might provoke your thinking.  Alan on team coaching; Keith and Juliet Johnson talking about couples coaching and Kirsty and Andy Elderton from Australia on soccer and organisations. Also Episode 1 of The Coaching Inn was all about working with groups in churches. Access these through the links here or subscribe free to The Coaching Inn on iTunes.

Hope you can come?

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