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3D Ideas 931: The Bass Line

Thanks to everyone who joined the launch party for Simplifying Coaching yesterday. It was great to have so many people with us.  We will share the recording as soon as it is available.

Claire writes: “Holidays at home are losing their appeal the longer lockdown continues.  Last week, an old friend was also on leave and we started embracing our inner youth and revisiting music we used to love and no longer listen to.  The melody and the words were refreshingly familiar.  We know that music. We listened to it over and over again in university common rooms.

When people come to conversations, we often play familiar melodies.  We share a melody and words we know.  And in coaching, if they are going to get new insights about their own stuff, it’s not the melody and the lyrics we need to be listening for and reflecting back.  When we listen through that and hear the bass line; when we notice dissonance not resonance, and when we offer that back – as a question… that’s where new insights come.  And that offer is all about tone.  When we offer  – accepting (silently) that we might be wrong, they will take the offer and make their own meaning.  When we make a statement we may end up in debate about whether it’s right or wrong.  People gain new insights when their thinking is in flow and they are exploring in a new or different way.  Listen to the bass line.”

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