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3D Ideas 930: Is There Anyone There? (aka Zoom Hygiene)

You are invited to a bit of a do! Open University Press are hosting a launch for Simplifying Coaching on Monday 1st March 13.00 2021 (UK) for an hour.  We would love you to come. Register here.

Claire writes: “It’s funny how something leads to new learning.  The YouTube sensation that was the Handforth Parish Council meeting got me thinking about Zoom meetings.  And Zoom hygiene.  

With everyone who can working from home, some people assume their full power confidently sitting in comfort in front of their professional screen in a well-equipped home office.  Others zoom perched on the kitchen table or even the bed – in places where they may not be at their best. This morning I ran a session on receiving feedback for the staff of an organisation around the world. Some were in the office, and some in the bedroom.  So in advance of a work meeting (or parish council), some useful things to think about are

And finally, you can hide yourself.  After all it’s odd to have a 1-1 conversation when you’re watching yourself! Two of you and one of them also impacts the dynamics as well as being a nightmare if you’re self conscious!”

We will be running a couple of sessions for coaches who want to get more confident at working online. Email us at info@3dcoaching.com and we will give you priority booking when we get the dates.

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